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and productive culture at work.

Sparkly helps by making new connections between colleagues.

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How it works


Every user can tell Sparkly their interests.

The most common interests are presented. The user can also submit new interests.

Match users

Sparkly matches
multiple times a week.

Each user will be matched with someone that has similar interests. The frequency of match moments can be configured. The limit is five matching moments per week. During the trial, the limit is three moments per week.


Change the behavior of Sparkly to fit your needs.

There are two moments when Sparkly can send a message to a user to ask them for their interests. The first moment is when the user joins the Slack space. The second moment is when the user opens a conversation with Sparkly.


You can try Sparkly for free for 14 days. No credit card required.


per team member per month

You will only be charged for active team members that use Sparkly.
It's possible to cancel at any time if you are not satisfied.

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We have various options for custom pricing plans for enterprises.

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Contact us for more information if you are a non-profit company (or community).

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Frequent questions about pricing

Do I pay for everyone in my Slack team?

No, you only pay for the people in your Slack team that interacted with Sparkly by selecting their interest(s). Furthermore, you do not pay for any person that opted out of the matching moment.

Do you give discounts to non-profit companies or communities?

If the company or community is non-profit, the options we have available include a discount. Which options are available for you also depend on the activities that your non-profit or community engages in. Contact us and we'll try to find something that works for you!